No additives, no preservatives,

just raw inspiration.

Our Buzz.

You need more than design. We deliver visual pieces that capture

the minds of those who see it and don’t let go. We design to help you win customers and

set your business far ahead of the rest.

Why settle for good when you can have the best?

Fun Facts.

Honey never spoils. We design brand-centric pieces that will last.

Honey comes in different colours and flavors. Our work for you is always custom.

A honey bee visits 50-100 flowers during a collection trip. Our sweet, distinct results come from our thorough research.

Honeycombs are the most efficient structures in nature. We get it right the first time.

One ounce of honey will fuel a bee’s flight around the world. We’re ready to give your business what it needs to go far.

Honeybees never sleep. (You’re telling us!)

Our Hive.

Led by queen bee Nathalie Walpole and her wing man Jonathan Walpole, Honeycomb Studios is a

full-service design hive. We have extensive print and web graphics experience, topped by those

credentials you probably don’t care about. The proof is in our sweet results.

We do this because we love to work with our clients and we guess they love us back –

we’re still working with every single client we had ten years ago.

How We Design For You.

First, we get to know your business. (Don’t worry – we’ll do it quickly!) We do our homework, studying

where you’ve been, where you want to go, and how we can use the best design practices to create the

materials your business needs. We’re professional designers, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Let’s have some fun while we design your next move.




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And Much More…

Stuff we’re good at.

BrandingIdentity Systems

Logo DesignArt Direction

StrategyOnline Design

Web DesignDevelopment

UX / UI DesignResponsive Design

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Not sure what you need? We’re happy to consult anytime.

The Sweet Results.

We’ve designed for clients across industries – technology and finance companies

to fitness experts and even fellow designers! We are committed to individual results,

which is why you’ll never see us do the same thing twice.

Check out some of our favorite recent work.


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We Design For A Cause.

A portion of the proceeds from your work with Honeycomb Studios will go toward

building a better world for children. We are proud to support Children of the Nations with every design we do.

We believe we can build a more beautiful world in every sense.

Ready To Get Started?

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